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The following staff members are Administrators and Moderators of SongRamp. Our admins and mods work hard to ensure that the site meets the needs of independent artists.

Managing Member, LLC.
Eddie Minyard
I am glad to have found SongRamp in November of 2004. I've been at home here ever since, making a lot of great friends along the way! I come from a musical family. My grandparents had a “hoot ‘nany” at their place in Alabama every Friday night. When I was around 6 or 7, my granddad gave me a harmonica – I expect that he was trying to get me away from his “lightnin’” bottle – I’ve been irritating people with one ever since. I’ve been writing poetry since my freshman year in high school. 1822, I think it was…started putting it to music after ‘Nam with my first Blues song – Manitou Blues. I’m just a simple guy, doing my best to do the right thing in this world. I have been very fortunate to find myself in interesting situations, some of which I have been able to add meaningful value to. Others...well…not so interesting… I have made a career for myself in the information technology space, always trying to find the unique angle – I love it when folks say to me “I never thought of it like that before”. I attribute that to the gift of creativity, exercised constantly through my songwriting and poetry. I am extremely excited about our future with SongRamp! With the help and trust of the membership, we will all have a fun ride!

SongRamp Administrators

Rob Campbell (RJC)
I joined Songramp in Feb'03 as a place to direct industry people to hear my music online. At the time, I had little interest in the community at large and was primarily "warehousing" my music here. It didn't take long for me to get caught up in the in the "down home" feel of the site and it's members, not to mention the diverse and wonderful music I was being exposed to by some of the fabulous talent here! I've gotten so much enrichment out of this site, I began to feel guilty and have decided it's time to give some back! Have a poke around, I believe you'll see what I mean!
Diane Rulliere (Beeswing) 
I found Songramp in July 2004, and it very quickly became my home from home! Songramp has provided an amazing experience for me.....four years ago I was a would-be lyricist with very little self I have nearly 100 song collaborations on my homepage, many great friendships and some wonderful memories of visits to the annual Rampbash in Nashville!! There is a spirit of support, friendship and collaboration on the Ramp, that is, in my experience, unique. It is the best songwriting community on the internet, and I am proud to be a member, and moderator of the Writer's Room Forum.

Dale Crockett  (DaleCrockett)
I joined SongRamp back in April of 2010, and it has become my "musical home away from home" ever since.  Not only has SongRamp given me the ability to share my music with others on a worldwide basis, it has given me the opportunity to meet some great, diverse writers and musicians, make new friends, collaborate with fellow Rampers, and discover the incredible lyrical and  musical talent that exists out there in our members. It also has given me the opportunity to share what musical knowledge I have with fellow writers and musicians in the hopes of helping them grow during their own musical journey. As a member of the Administration Team, I moderate the Open Mic, and manage the SongRamp Pro Critique Service.
John Westwood (JohnWestwood)
I discovered Songramp in May 2003, although I did not take advantage of the site until some time later.  Like all new places, it took a while to settle in and find my feet. Now some 10 years later, I am a member of the admin team and have made many friends here in Australia, the UK and the USA and have had several cowriting partners because of my involvement here. It is a friendly place, so take time to look around and stick a toe in the water. The greater your involvement, the more enjoyable and the greater the rewards. 
SongRamp Moderators

Rob Perry (houndsound)
Moderator: Tools of the Trade
I have been a member of songramp for over a year and enjoy it immensely. I particularly enjoy the styles and approachs that each member brings to the site. My start in music came at an early age and haven't stopped since. I enjoy writing compositions and recording, basically anything musical. I am currently involved in writing compositions for Independent films and Independent TV. I perform with my band "SmallTown" on occasion and enjoy collaborating with members from songramp and abroad. Good luck to all on the site!!

Peter Simensky
I found Songramp about a year ago and was made to feel at home from the start. I've been playing drums since I was a kid, but only started writing and singing a couple of years ago. This is the place to do it. Everybody is very supportive ...a great family. 

Diane Gee Frasca (geediane
Moderator:  Howdy! Summer of 2007, I hired an independent artist in Nashville to sing some of my demos. He told me about SongRamp. He said it was a great place to showcase my songs. I signed up as a free member in October that year, and by November I was hooked hopelessly. I bought my Basic membership without hesitation, and I have been happy here ever since. There are so many incredible people here and so much fantastic music.

Pro Contributors

Marc-Alan Barnette (
Music Industry Insider
Marc-Alan Barnette was born and raised in Birmingham. As part of a musical family (Great cousin was Jimmie Rogers, one of the founders of country music, and father, Grady, was a gospel quartet singer), Marc-Alan grew up singing in church and in various bands and taught himself how to play the guitar. Since his first moment on stage, Marc-Alan knew that getting people fired up and performing was his natural calling. His band, 24 Karat, was chosen as the top band in the country in the 1984 Miller High Life battle of the bands out of 30,000 applicants. After a move to Nashville in 1988, Marc-Alan scored a cut with Shelby Lynne his first night in town. He has had success in Nashville as a writer, several publishing deals, and cuts by John Berry and David Ball, including the current single “Too Much Blood in My Alcohol Level” on the Ball “Freewheeler” album. He has co-written with the best and along with his former back-up singers “The Kinleys,” he has opened shows for Charlie Daniels, Garth Brooks, Ricochet, and Patty Loveless.



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