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Posted: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 4:45 pm

SOM July 2013











Congratulations to Terry Burdette for winning Song of the Month for July 2013!

You can hear his song, "Father and Son" HERE.


Who or what inspired your song?

Dad passed away a few years ago and I have been sorting through memories/feelings about him. Especially the early years the song covers when times were hard on all of us as a family. I see so many kids being raised without fathers in the inner city that I thought about his way of raising me...talking to many of my friends who had fathers from that era I knew a certain amount of dysfunctional  was common in many homes.


How did the song get recorded? Explain the process for us.

I started with “Almost Father and Son” as a title as I began to write a song about my father, but that was too harsh and bugged me as I looked at it and began to write the lyrics which would be guided by the hook. It felt as if I was whining about him...not a cool thing to do in a song about someone deceased.. Eventually I began to realize that if I was saying he was almost a father, if I was honest, I would have to answer the question  “was I almost a  good son?” and if I was honest, I would have to admit  that  I was a handful as a child..always running off, getting cuts/stitches, throwing rocks etc.  When I included myself in the process of evaluating “father and son” that opened up the song for me in a way that allowed me to be honest and open (high on my list as I wrote this song) and still not have the song feel like I was complaining. I knew from the beginning I did NOT want to write a song that was “sappy sweet old daddy I miss you” and nauseate the listener. The challenge was to open our life up to the listener and be transparent, but not let the dysfunctional aspects of our relationship dominate in the end..the tough line for me to come up with that finished the song and redeemed it from whining and complaining...  “a little rough around the edges but we were still...father and son” was kind of spooky how that line came out in the bathroom (yes, I am a closet bathroom singer/songwriter) as I was singing the just came out of nowhere.


If you could choose anyone, who would you like to hear performing your song?

This song is too personal of a song to pitch to other writers in the commercial market.


Do you see yourself as a writer for others or a performer of your own songs?

I am gearing up to play locally next year..towns close to where I live...local pubs. I still fantasize about getting cuts..never have been able to shake that off!


Why do you write songs?

It is cheaper than a therapist!


Do you have an all-time favorite song?

I am noticing the older I get my idea of the favorite song is changing...I am sliding into blues more and more...edgy stuff like in Otis Boudreaux. I recently fell in love with a song called “Mercy Now” by Mary Gauthier...please Google and give it a is awesome and my current favorite song.


Do you have a favorite songramp writer and/or performer?

Can’t say just one, but Gilly Slinn, Rard, RJC, Dave Rice, Ott Luck, PJSteelman, James Cain, MATW, Michael Frazier, Old Dog and Alex Stangl, David Sanchez, Carl Schwitzer (teleman58) and Mike Prather are a few and I know I have left out some as I have been away in the last year.


In your opinion, what are the essential ingredients of a great song?

For me...lyrics as free from cliches as possible..that make you think and feel...question things about life and good melodies...Mary Gauthier’s song “Mercy Now” is a good example.


Are there any other comments you would like to make?

Thanks to the folks who nominated "Father and Son" for the SOM and to all who voted for my song. There were some great songs in the line up and I found a new writer in the line up whose music I really dig now. That is another great aspect of the SOM activity here at the Ramp, it provides a place to find rising artists/writers.

Member Opinions:

By: DaveRice on 7/2/13
What a fantastic line, Terry... "it's cheaper than a therapist!" Wow, you said a mouthful about Songwriting with simple eloquence.

Congratulations on this award... I've noticed that your songs keep reaching out and grabbing the listener's attention in such a clean, yet dynamic way. I'm proud of you. ---Dave

By: ottlukk on 7/2/13
Terry: Very happy you got this award, this is a really fine song. Enjoyed the interview, especially your description of how the song got recorded . . . I always love when that "spooky moment" comes out of nowhere! Congrats! Ott

By: DenaliMick on 7/2/13
Congratulations, Terry. Mick

By: sheilerk on 7/2/13
This was a song that really touched me, and let me look at my relationship with my father in a way that I hadn't. I really appreciated that. It's a wonderful song and very deserving of song of the month!!

By: mfrazier on 7/2/13
Hey Terry, congratulations on the song of the month. I think this is a great song and I liked your description of the process. To the point interview, liked that. Father and Son is full of your "essential elements". Very nice work and great tune.

By: PopPopRon on 7/2/13
Congrats Terry on a well deserved honor for a top notch song....When I first heard the song I knew our dads were a lot a like. Ron

By: teecee on 7/3/13
Many congrats on the SOM Terry, very well deserved - such an incisive song!

By: AlexStangl on 7/3/13
Congratulations Terry - perfect song/recording - well deserved - ~Alex~

By: lps45s8tracks on 7/3/13
Why do you write songs?

It is cheaper than a therapist!

Love it.LOL.

(;BIG CONGRATS TERRY;)Enjoyed the read.Enjoyr your month.Great song my friend.

(~;Yrral Mallik;~)

By: Elishabatherainbow on 7/4/13
many congrads, well deserved!

By: Rard on 7/4/13
huge congratz Terry. great song and love the way you let everyone be a part of it. your rootsy delivery has 'truth' written all over it. 'shower singer/songwriter prove'n 'cleanliness is next to Godliness'!! enjoy and thanks for sharing your gift here on the Ramp.

By: FastEddie on 7/4/13
Nice job, Terry! Congrats!

By: mlprat on 7/5/13
Congrats my friend .. I always look forward to something new from you ..

Keep on creating.

By: rayf on 7/5/13
Way to go Terry...

By: Porkbeli on 7/5/13
Thanks for the in-depth look at your song, Terry, and your wiring process. Liked your interview as much as your song! -Steve

By: geediane on 7/6/13
A loverly congratulations to ya!

By: JamesCain on 7/6/13
Love that song. Don't get any more real than that.
WV in the house

By: ShakeyDave on 7/7/13
enjoyed the interview - beautiful song - Congrats Terry! - shakey

By: sdgetunes on 7/7/13
Terry, congrats on SOM. The song is honestly deserving. Your father was probably like a lot of fathers at that time and those fathers made us that much stronger for it. A much appreciated song.

Ed Dunn

By: angie on 7/7/13
Congrats on winning SOM! A great song, Terry!

By: RJC on 7/8/13
You are a class act Terry and an asset to this site. So glad to honor you for your work here.

By: johnwestwood on 7/11/13
I was late finding your earlier work but now you are on my "must listen to" list

By: GillySlinn on 7/11/13
Terry - I've said it before and I'll say it again: You're one of the finest writers and performers on Songramp. We're damned fortunate to have you here. An outstanding song from a truly outstanding artist.

By: aspenleaf on 7/17/13
Glad to see you get this - congratulation!!!

By: OD-OldDog on 7/31/13
Awe Man, I meant to leave a comment a couple of times and never did. So sorry. Hey Brother, Congrats on you SOM, this song is just so good, full of emotion, sharing your memory and keeping it respectful and even a tribute. So well done and performed. I think all of us as kids pushed our parents buttons the wrong way when we were growing up. I like how you shared your part and understanding with your relationship. Fine job!!!

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