Artist Of The Month April 2013 - Michael Frazier

Posted: Sunday, February 3, 2013 4:37 am

By: staff

Artist Of The Month  April 2013 - Michael Frazier

Congratulations to Michael Frazier for being voted February 2013's Artist of the Month!

To visit Michaels homepage click here

Who is “mfrazier”?

I am a retired contracts analyst from Marion County Health Department in Oregon and in a few days will turn 60.  My interests include music, my three dogs – love them, cooking, fishing, rock hunting, organic gardening, bird watching, whale watching and in general just enjoying nature and wildlife and the many gifts that brings to me.

I have two grown children and one 5 year old grandson, and a 11 year old grand-daughter in law, whom my wife and I just adore.

How and when did you get started writing and performing music?

Fortunately for me, I met this guy in college who had the patience to teach me to play. I guess there was no one else to play with.  He became my best friend until his passing in 1985. I still thank him with every song I write for this wonderful gift he opened me up to.

What inspirations do you draw from in your writing & performing? Who are some of your influences or musical 'heroes'?

I have always loved music, from as far back as I can remember. I remember I was about 12 and had earned enough money to buy my parents a console stereo for Christmas, which was really for me. On rainy Saturday’s I would pour through their old albums; Son’s of the Pioneers, The Ink Spots, Roger Miller among them. I always wanted to be on a record.

Then the Beatles hit the radio and I was glued to that music. So many artists, so little space. I pretty much liked it all from Joplin and Hendrix to Donald Byrd and Al Jarreau, from Neil Young and Jackson Browne to Chet Atkins and the Allman Brothers. Naming any more would take up pages, although Bruce Cockburn and Shawn Colvin are two of my musical heroes. Lately, my wife Patti has been a big inspiration with her lyrical ideas and I have written several songs based on her ideas.  

What are you currently working on?

Another new CD, currently untitled.  I have done preliminary recordings for five of the tunes, have another written and a new musical idea for the next tune.  In addition, I have a collaboration in the works with Denali Mick, Pianoman3, and GeeDiane.  Can’t wait to hear what these talented folks come up with.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

Don’t know how to answer that.  It evolves according to the world at large. The changes in technology are a big driver of the changing music market.

What would you say is the most important lesson you've learned in the music business that new artists should know?

First decide what you want to do with your music. If you want a paying career then play as many gigs as you can and establish a solid following. Use all the social media resources you can stand and market yourself. Be vigilant. Always keep upping your abilities with practice. Be smart, have a budget and choose wisely.  That would be my advice. If you already know someone who can help get you where you are going, take advantage and use their connections if you want to get anywhere in the industry. If you don’t, schmooze, and find someone to take you under their wing so to speak. It’s all about marketing.

There’s nothing wrong in my estimation of just playing for fun or having a songwriting hobby. Just don’t think anyone will knock on your door for the next hot single. Believe me, no one ever does.

Briefly, what are some of your thoughts on the current state of the music world, and where this industry is heading?

It’s hard to see into the future. I do think things have changed dramatically over the past several years and the CD is already becoming outdated. People want to pay for a song, download it to their device and be done with it. Radio, is pretty much the same programming unless they have some special broadcasts like Porkbelli does.  

What do you hope this online community (SongRamp) will do for you and other members?

I like hearing peoples creativity. What they can do with music and lyrics. I really appreciate the talent of all of the folks I have had the opportunity to collaborate with and I think it makes me a little better songwriter and musician.

I enjoy getting to know other artists through their music, their comments and site mail. Really makes for a nice shared community.

What's your view on the Internet in general as it relates to today's musicians?

If you have a budget and a central point of focus, many musicians today can benefit from the wealth of sites available. There are deals out there for the right song, at the right time. Just ask some of the other Rampers who have experienced this success.

What brought you to and what keeps you here at SongRamp?

Just stopped in one day and truthfully what has kept me here all these years was Randy Showalter.  He commented on every song I posted back in those early years, even though I never listened to anything. When I retired in 2009, I started listening to pretty much everything and leaving a comment or two. In turn I started to get feedback on my own material. Now what keeps me here is the potential for collaborations, feedback on my material and just listening to the other solid talent on Songramp.

Any last thoughts?

I thought this month featured some great choices for this award and I was very surprised to have been chosen for this honor. Again, I am humbled by the support of the other artists here on songramp. There are so many great songwriters here and I have a lot of  respect their talents, ambitions and hard work.

I would like to thank the members of songramp for this award just a few days before I turn 60.  Makes for a great early birthday present. Thank you very much for all the listens, comments, favors and collaborations. I truly appreciate them.

I’ll keep writing as long as you keep listening.




Member Opinions:

By: DaveRice on 4/1/13
Congratulations, Michael. This is a well-deserved honor to your willingness to listen to the songs of others and colloborate on such a broad scale. Enjoyed reading your AOM responses and was surprised to know you have dared to enter Geezerville like so many of us... LOL! We're all ears, my friend... keep creating for us. ---Dave

By: TWH on 4/1/13
Congratulations Michael. Definitely a well deserved award. Straight forward interview, enjoyed your thoughts. Enjoy the month. TwH

By: keythBridge on 4/1/13
Congrats Michael! You remind me to do more responses, cause you are so cool on your way, not only for other songrampers, also for you in your kind of cool interpretations of any kind of stuff you touch! Keep on rollin`. Hear yuh! keythBridge

By: DenaliMick on 4/1/13
Great to see you receive another well-deserved AOM, Michael; I enjoy listening to your songs, as you always have something to say with your music. Also enjoyed your interview. Looking forward to working with you on our collab. Mick

By: sirbyran on 4/1/13
Congrats Michael..write on my friend!

By: teecee on 4/1/13
Major congrats Michael, you're a big part of this community, a very well deserved AOM! T

By: ottlukk on 4/1/13
Way to go Michael! Not only are you musically talented, but you give back to this community in a big way. A well deserved award! Ott

By: PopPopRon on 4/1/13
A very well deserved honor to a super ramper for sure.....RonE In WV

By: AlexStangl on 4/1/13
A thoughtful interview Michael - you're a major source of energy that keeps The Ramp moving - congratulations - ~Alex~

By: CharlieC on 4/2/13
We'll keep listening Michael - so you just keep writing and I am absolutely sure that I'll have another one (like before) where
there will be no other option to peform it
that you!
I'm a real MF fan!
(and I do mean Michael Frazier)

By: ASongsmith on 4/2/13
Big congrats, Michael. As has been noted, you not only contribute a very varied, prolific, original, and talent-filled showcase, but you always take the time to encourage others too - including newcomers to Ramp, which is so important but can easily get overlooked. Much kudos to you on all counts.

By: johnwestwood on 4/2/13
Well deserved award, Michael. Keep them coming.

By: lil_hermie_jobo on 4/2/13
Congratulations, man! Well deserved and good to see!

By: Rard on 4/2/13
huge huge tip of the hat Michael. your contribution to this community is one of the reasons we're all still here and love'n it. I've been a big fan of yours for years. folky, rootsy, colorful, creative, smart and like so many here simply inspires. Big Happy Birthday to ya and thanks for sharing your gift here on Songramp.

By: rustyblake on 4/2/13
A big congratulations to a talented and thoughtful guy. I enjoyed your interview very much and have a real appreciation for the heart and soul that you put into each of your songs. Looking forward to a big birthday bash, Michael, as you join a few other sexagenarian club members here!

By: BGJeff on 4/2/13
First, happy birthday! And second, this one's a win for Randy for hooking you on Songramp, and for all of us who get to enjoy your songs.

By: Nash on 4/2/13
Hey brother, good to see you are the 'man of the month'. Enjoyed your story and as always appreciate the feedback you have given me over the past years.

By: Hack on 4/2/13
Congratulations Michael, I enjoyed reading this interview and learning more about you and your background. You listed many of my favorite singers.I look forward to your postings and keep 'em comin'!

By: sdgetunes on 4/2/13
HAPPY BIG 60 Michael! Where's the party? You have written some of the best songs on the Ramp and you're probably one of the Rampers that do the most listening/reviewing. I always look forward to both your song posts and reviews and it sounds like you've got some really exciting collabs coming up.

Ed Dunn

By: kfl44 on 4/2/13
Congrats Michael, I always enjoy your creative songwriting, between you and Alex seems like everytime I stop by I find one or both of you have a new song posted and that's great, keep em coming, best of luck with your new CD project. I look forward to hearing the new collaborations.

By: LarryGalletta on 4/2/13
Congratulations Michael! Ah - so you're retired! That explains why you can crank out so much material. You've been a great presence here at Songramp, so it's well deserved. And you have some great material you've shared with us. Keep them coming, and keep posting! -Larry

By: benjammin on 4/2/13
Congrats Michael, Enjoyed your interview! Well deserved honor, keep up the good work!


By: mlprat on 4/2/13
Congrats Michael .. enjoy your month .. well deserved.

By: josefllama on 4/3/13
Congratulations's an award you thoroughly deserve...enjoy your 60th, [it's mine next month]

By: Ernest_Whaley on 4/3/13
Excellent choice!! Pleased to be in the company of this caliber of talent.
Blessings and Balance,

Welcome to the 60s! One year away from the 70s myself. :)

By: PamelaElaine on 4/4/13
Congrats to you Mike. You're always consistent on writing and sharing and deserve the recognition. Always enjoy your music. :)


By: rayf on 4/4/13
Well done Michael!

By: Porkbeli on 4/4/13
Well deserved honor, Michael. With your dedication, talent, and your constant reviews you are indeed a major part of the backbone of SongRamp. Thanks for being you! -Steve

By: Tburd54 on 4/4/13
Congratulation Michael. I have really enjoyed the songs and music you create and share with us, as well as learning about your family, interests and views on the music industry.

By: paintmonster1 on 4/4/13
Congratulations Michael! The only one who's listened to and left reviews to all 25 of my songs. It must of took a lot of tissues to get through all my sad Anyways, to echo Steve's comment... You're dedication to all the wonderful songs that get posted on Songramp is greatly commendable and I express to you my appreciation. A well deserved honor indeed!


By: Calypsosunset on 4/6/13
Congrats Michael a well deserved honor. You seem to be the one person you can count on to review a song and give your honest opinion, Even if you don't agree with the content. Great job my brother.

By: GillySlinn on 4/6/13
Congratulations Michael. Good to learn a little more about you through your interview. Enjoy your month in the spotlight - you deserve it!

By: JonHanson on 4/10/13
Congratulations, Old man Fraizer... Well done...Jon Hanson

By: DaleCrockett on 4/10/13
Sorry, Michael - I'm a bit late to the party, but as they say "better late than never", right? Just wanted to say a big congrats to you for winning AOM. This is an honor that you so much deserve. Not only do you post some wonderful songs, but you take the time to listen to the songs by others and offer great, honest reviews. You are a big part of the heart of SongRamp. Really happy for you, my friend!

By: msdjunk on 4/10/13
Congratulations on being named AOM Michael! Definitely well deserved. I, like many others, look forward to listening to your songs and to reading your honest, insightful comments on our own songs. Your willingness to take the time to listen and comment on almost all the songs posted on SongRamp is a great example for all of us to follow. Everyone can benefit from a kind word from an experienced songwriter and performer. Thank you for all you do to make this site a comfortable, friendly and enjoyable place to share music. Oh, and Happy Birthday Old Man! -Marc

By: OD-OldDog on 4/11/13
Hey Ol Buddy, Congrats on another AOM award. You have impressed me many times with your talent as a songwriter and musician; but after reading your bio, you've impressed me even more. I mean, what kid 12 years old even considers buying their parents a console sterio??? I mean, at that age I was asking my parents to buy me a pair of shoes and some blue jeans. You are truly a good son. Hey Brother, I was intrigued to learn that you enjoy your grandchildren, and outdoor activities. I also notice you forgot to mention your wife during all of that praise, even though you did mention your love of cooking. We should 'swap' sometime. Our recipe's Brother...... our recipe's. Anyway, I give you a big "Congrats" on another AOM win, and "Happy Birthday" to Ya.

By: JamesCain on 4/11/13
Congrats Michael. You deserve this award and a bag of candy for all you do here at songramp. You post a lot of original comment on lots of people's music......and you collaborate..........that is what songramp is all about.

By: angie on 4/16/13
Congratulations, Michael! You have brought so much to the Songramp community with your songs, comments and collaborations! So glad to see you getting this well deserved honor as our AOM! Enjoyed getting to know you a little better through your interview!

By: Beeswing on 4/21/13
Clap clap clap! Bravo Michael! So happy to see you honoured as AOM again! You are such a talented musician, as well as a valued member who always contributes so much. Enjoy! :)
~ Diane

By: lps45s8tracks on 4/21/13
How did I miss this.(:BIG LATE CONGRATS;)My friend.Always enjoy my listen.Enjoyed Da Interview.

(~;Yrral Mallik;~)

By: geediane on 4/25/13
Gigantic congrats, man! Glory be! Enjoy the sweeeeeeet sweeeeeeet comments here!

By: sheilerk on 4/27/13
So happy to see your smiling face gracing the front page as AOM. Big congrats. You totally deserve it! :)

By: j.yonks on 4/29/13
Congrats Michael....sorry it took me so long to chime in I just got back from vacation......once again Congratulations

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