February 2013 Song of the Month

Posted: Sunday, February 3, 2013 5:06 am

By: staff

February 2013 Song of the Month

Congratulations to Tburd54 (Terry Burdette) for his song, "Looking Back" being voted February 2013's Song of the Month.


How did the song get recorded? Explain the process for us. 

 I sat down with a song I really related to and ...I played it a lot...really listening to all the aspects that made it great...then I wrote the melody to Looking Back ...I wanted to write a song that hopefully would make the listener look back on their own lives honestly ...and still feel gratitude no matter what.


If you could choose anyone, who would you like to hear performing your song? 

 Greg Brown or Guy Clark or Steve Earle would be great


Do you see yourself as a writer for others or a performer of your own Songs? 

Mainly  a writer, after I retire, I have been  flirting with the idea of performing in a small circle around where I live. if you have ever been performing one of your songs in a noisy bar and all at once the whole place gets quiet and you connect..well..its pretty powerful.


Why do you write songs?

I really think it's like sermons for preachers, something you see/ feel about life is trying to find its way out...and you want to present it in way that touches other people. My friends at the Ramp seemed to really like American Dreams a while back..that song was born as I wrote a lesson plan for my U.S. History class..where my goal in the lesson and the song was to help people imagine how wide open America was back then..and maybe inspire people to believe in good ole American  hard work and ingenuity again.


Do you have an all-time favorite song?   

Dan Fogelberg's  Same Ole Lang Syne really inspired me to continue my pursuit of song writing at a time when I was fried and tired of dealing with rejection on Music Row..for example...."We went to have ourselves a drink or two....but couldn't find an open bar...we bought a six-pack at the liquor store and drank it in her car". Dan wrote the song in a way that transported you to that place....two old lovers running into each other after many years....the laughter, the awkwardness...the bittersweet of it all. He also taught me to count syllables as I write lyrics.


Do you have a favorite songramp writer and/or performer?

Way too many great writers here on the Ramp to list  and so many that I have also enjoyed watching them find their voice over the years...and grow as a writers.


In your opinion, what are the essential ingredients of a great song? 

a melody that sticks in your head easily......lyrics that touch the heart ...make you think.


Are there any other comment you would like to make? 

Thanks to all folks who nominated my song and my friends on the Ramp who take the time to listen to my songs, and leave messages in the review box that motivate me to try and get better. Also really dig all the changes administration has added to the Ramp website. I have been on many different song writer web sites and you can’t beat the Ramp for providing so many services invaluable for growing song writers! 





Member Opinions:

By: TWH on 2/3/13
Congrats Terry. Good interview, looking forward to listening to more of your songs. TwH

By: RJC on 2/3/13
What a pleasure it has been to experience your music over the years Terry, always rootsy, real and always causes me to pause and reflect. This song reached out to me when I first heard it and was undeniable in it's honesty and clarity. Major congratulations my friend!

By: Nash on 2/3/13
Great song, sung straight from the heart. Well deserved SOM.

By: DenaliMick on 2/3/13
Congratulations, Terry, on your song, and a good interview. Mick

By: PopPopRon on 2/3/13
I always enjoy your songs Terry....congrats on winning song of the month....it could just as easily have been American Dreams as song of the month.....you and I and James Cain have that WV conection going on and let's not forget Cathead! RonE In WV

By: ottlukk on 2/3/13
I note that you included your inspiration in the left half of your pic. Also, I always thought Tburd54 was referring to some guy who owned a 1954 Thunderbird. At any rate, congrats, you do deserve this award! Ott

By: DaleCrockett on 2/4/13
Big congrats, Terry. This is such a well written song all the way around. Enjoyed reading your interview. Looking forward to hearing more of your songs.

By: Rard on 2/4/13
big congratz Terry. Been dig'n your songs and style for years here on the Ramp. This was one of your best for sure and way glad ya got the nod. keep'm coming and enjoy.

By: mfrazier on 2/4/13
Congratulations Terry. Great song. Really enjoyed it as well as your interview.

By: JulieElam on 2/4/13
Well deserved here. Really nice write. Congrats!

By: ShakeyDave on 2/4/13
Congrats on SOM Terry! that's a great song and performance and excellent interview - keep on rockin! - shakey :)

By: rustyblake on 2/4/13
Just a fabulous song, Terry! A much deserved Song Of The Month honor. Loved the interview.

By: Porkbeli on 2/4/13
Congrats, Terry, well deserved! -Steve

By: teecee on 2/5/13
Very well deserved SOM Terry, great song! T

By: Tburd54 on 2/5/13
Wanted to thank everyone who came by this page to give me a "high-five" its much more fun when ya have folks to celebrate with ya!
Terry Burdette

By: geediane on 2/5/13
Fantastic! So happy to see your song highlighted with SOM! Big congrats to ya!

By: JamesCain on 2/5/13
Congrats Terry......great song great performances and you deserve the nod...Now where did you say you was from? I always detect a hint of WV in your music ; )

By: j.yonks on 2/5/13
Absolutely gorgeous song my friend I'm so sorry I missed it when it first came out.....honestly....this is the stuff inspirations are built from. SOM is so well deserved....SOY is deserved....this is just that good to me.

By: GillySlinn on 2/6/13
A truly great song Terry. You are one of the artists here who will always produce something that is worthy of SOM - always quality in both writing and performance. You know exactly how to do it. You're a true singer-songwriter and I'm delighted to consider you my friend.

By: mlprat on 2/6/13
Terry, this song spoke to me on many levels .. and is well deserving of the honor. You are a true storyteller and fine guitarist.

Enjoy your Month.


By: johnwestwood on 2/6/13
Just echoing my review in open mic.....

Real...very real


By: pianoman3 on 2/12/13
Congrats, Terry. I enjoyed your interview but the song is the winner; and so well deserved.
Looking forward to hearing more from you and wishing you a speedy recovery. ~ John

By: lps45s8tracks on 2/15/13
(;BIG CONGATS TERRY;) Enjoyed Da Interview.Enjoyed Da Listen.(;U DA MAN;)Enjoy your Month.

(~,Yrral Mallik;~)

By: OD-OldDog on 2/19/13
Hey Terry Ol Buddy, "Congrats" on your song winning the SOM award. You always have such great material and perform it so well. I hope we continue to hear many more songs from you. Hope your healing well and will be tip/top soon.

By: manatthewindow on 2/21/13
Congratulations on a very well-deserved SOM award, Terry. Any singer-songwriter would be proud to have written that one and rightly so.
Superb song.

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