SOM 2013

SOM 2013

Song of the Month is highlighting a standout SongRamp song (from ANY month/year) that has been nominated by a rotated SOM panel of four; plus a song nominated by the latest/current AOM. , and then voted on by the community. Recognition is given to this song because of a quality lyric and killer melody (the song does not have to be a professional demo). The Song of the Month nominees come from the Open Mic contributors. The 5 person panel each make one nomination. Those nominations are then presented to the community to vote on, with the song receiving the greatest percentage of the vote declared the winner. A song cannot be the SOM winner more than one time however. Once the Song of the Month is determined, an announcement is made and the winner is interviewed and highlighted on the front page.

*Note - all winning SOM songs will automatically be included on the Song of the Month music page.

January ~  The Extra Mile by Nash (Hans Vreedenburgh)
February ~ Looking Back by Tburd (Terry Burdette)
March     ~ Yesterday's Clothes by Rusty Blake
April      ~ Speakeasy by AlexStangl
May ~ Forever Love by mlprat (Mike Prather)
June ~ Hear Their Cry by poppopron (Ron Walls)
July ~ Father and Son by Tburd54 (Terry Burdette)
August ~ Human Touch by Rard (Randy Showalter)
September ~ Fall Into You by PJ Steelman
October ~ Liberty by Dave Rice and Teecee (Tony Charnock)
November ~ Pictures on the Wall by ottlukk and Nash
December ~  So Much Left To Say by TBurd54

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