August 2012 Song of the Month ~ "Who Killed America" by Scotty_Metro & Don Paul Moore

By: Staff

August 2012 Song of the Month ~ "Who Killed America" by Scotty_Metro & Don Paul Moore



Who or what inspired the song?

[Scotty]: I felt it was something that needed to be said..or it were.

[Don]: Scotty’s lyrics of course. Melodically speaking, it was an easy write. It was one of those situations where the melody just jumped right out of the lyrics. The nature of this song’s words are such that I wanted to (and hopefully did ) instill a certain measure of angst into the music. 

If you could choose anyone, who would you like to hear performing your song?

[Scotty]: Maybe Hank Williams Jr. However, I sure like Don's vocal on maybe just Don.

[Don]: Well, I could hear Hank Jr singing this one. I believe he’s a guy that could relate to and understand the message of the tune. In other words he could sing honestly.

Do you see yourself as a writer or performer of your own songs? 

[Scotty]: I took vocal lessons..after about 3 lessons my teacher suggested perhaps I should take up the piano I'd have to say just a writer.

[Don]: I have no aspirations of being a famous performer. I am content to share what talents I have in church on the praise team and with other worshipers. Oddly enough though, when I perform in public I have found my mindset as a songwriter allows me to perform with greater insight and with a better interpretation of the music.

Why do you write songs?

[Scotty]: It's some kind of cosmic curse..a way for the universe to toy with me.

[Don]: The simple answer is that it’s fun. There is a more complicated answer though. Songwriting gives a glimpse into who I am. That said I want to leave a piece of myself that my kids and grandkids can have after I’m long gone. My grandfather was a song evangelist back in the 1930’s and 40’s. I never met the man, but the first time I heard an old recording of him I remember the feelings that record invoked in me. I felt like I knew him a little better than I did before. I could place his voice and his music next to the stories about him. I want my decedents to be able catch a glimpse into their “woodpile” just like I did when I heard that recording. 

Do you have an all time favorite song:

[Scotty]: Many favorites..but I guess if I had to claim just would be "Love Chooses You" Laurie Lewis.

[Don]: “The Look of Love” as performed by Dusty Springfield always comes to mind. However there are others (too many to name) from all genres. “Shout For Joy”, Lincoln Brewster; “Into the Abyss” by Disturbed, “Love Hurts” Nazareth….where do I stop? 

Do you have a favorite SongRamp writer and / or performer?

[Scotty]: I guess Anne Cozean would be my favorite over all..but it's a tough question..because there are way too many talented writers/musicians/performers to be so exclusive..but I do like Anne..besides...she's fun to mess with. LOL

[Don]: Of course Mr. Metro has provided me with several co-writing opportunities. His lyrics are very easy to work with and all of them very visual and very good. I’ve enjoyed the music of Quico Reed, Jason Whited, Brad Miller, Ronnie Gough, Cyndie Mace, The Chiggers and of course Cathead. Many of these listed I have also had the pleasure of working with.  

In your opinion, what are the essential ingredients of a great song?

[Scotty]: Writing lyrics from the heart..I do not like the whole concept of formula songs..reminds me of fast's burger will surely taste like yesterdays burger...sort of makes them quite forgettable. On occasion someone with real talent comes along and blows the whole formula thing Elton John, Cyndi Lauper and Garth Brooks..just to name a small few...writing from the heart and creative, outside the box composers.

[Don]: The songs I am happiest with are the ones that come together easy. If it’s an effort, it becomes contrived in my opinion. The easy tunes are the ones that come from “way down deep”.

Are there any other comments you would like to make?

[Scotty]: Yep...This country is in real trouble..writers/artists/composers/singers..should be stepping up and point out the problems using their music as a tool. Remember the 60's??..the music helped change an entire nation..but the writers and performers had the guts to speak I say..SPEAK UP!

[Don]: Thanks to Dan Van Schindel for his stellar drum work. Thanks to all of you who gave our tune a listen.  

To listen to Scotty and Don's song, click HERE.

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Member Opinions:

By: TWH on 8/1/12
congrats gentlemen.


By: Rard on 8/1/12
big shout out to both of ya. love the song and grateful for your 'curse'!!! amen to your 'speak up' demand. great song and I'm with you on Don doing it but there's one thing for sure this needs to be heard. grateful you two wrote and recorded this. enjoy the month and thanks for the inspiration.

By: geediane on 8/1/12
Congratulations to ya!

By: ShakeyDave on 8/1/12
Congrats to both - the song touches a chord for sure - agree with what you said about music in the 60s - like David Crosby wrote, "stand and be counted" - great write and performance - Bravo and cheers! - shakeydave

By: JamesCain on 8/1/12
Congrats to you both. I love this song and ya did real good.

By: JulesLayne on 8/1/12
Congratulations to you and Don, Scotty. :-)

By: JulieElam on 8/1/12
Congrats you two! 'It's some kind of cosmic curse..a way for the universe to toy with me.' Love this response. Tippin my wine glass to ya!

By: ottlukk on 8/1/12
Congrats to both of you! Ott

By: Porkbeli on 8/2/12
Loved the interview and your approach to music... and life. Well deserved SOM for you and Don! -Steve

By: benjammin on 8/3/12
Congrats Scotty, and Don! Great song and interview! Enjoyed both!


By: PopPopRon on 8/4/12
Congrats guys on your winning song....great piece of work!!!!! RonE In WV

By: mlprat on 8/4/12
Big congrats Scotty and Don, well done.

By: pianoman3 on 8/4/12
Congrats to you both; some good points in your interview.. You inspired me to go and write a 21st century Protest song.. (-:


By: johnwestwood on 8/4/12
Well done Guys.

By: Beeswing on 8/5/12
Congratulations Scotty and Don! An excellent song in the Guthrie tradition, and a very worthy SOM! ~ Diane

By: sdgetunes on 8/5/12
I came back to read the interview with both of you. It's a great song and a great interview. Mr. Metros music is consistantly great. I am looking fwd to hearing more from both of you.

Ed Dunn

By: QuicoReed on 8/5/12
Wow, a more deserving duo couldn't be found. I've had the distinct honor of working with Don Paul on many songs, and his incredible talent breathes new life into songs that, at the beginning, seemed stale. I think he's not only one of the best guitarists on the Ramp, but also one of the best 'studio musicians' one can imagine. I'm humbled that he has worked with me and even mentioned me in this Q&A session. God bless you, Don Paul.
And of course, Scotty, congratulations. Your thoughtful and provoking lyrics have been a mainstay on the site for a long time and I'm incredibly happy to see you get this recognition. I agree with your idea about musician's stating their opinions and I look forward to more songs like this one!
Song Ramp is a blessing because it gives us access to talented artists like you two.

By: PamelaElaine on 8/7/12
Scotty and Don, congrats on your song. Just listened to it and it so nice to hear writers who write of true thoughts and lots of meaning. Great track and great collab. Good job you two.


By: lps45s8tracks on 8/7/12
Big Congrats Guys.Enjoyed Da Interview.Way to go.Enjoy your month.

By: JulieElam on 8/9/12
Thought I'd check back in to get Don's side of the duo. Great interview Don. 'I want to leave a piece of myself that my kids and grandkids can have after I’m long gone.' Yep, says a lot right there. Congrats!

By: rayf on 8/28/12
Congrats Scotty and Don...well done!

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