The "Big Daddy"

Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 12:32 pm

The "Big Daddy"












SongRamp is proud to announce the "Big Daddy"Award, in honor of our own Big Daddy Chigger, as a replacement for our Pitch To Publisher opportunity with NSAI. Here is a quote from Sheree Spoltore at NSAI:

"I spoke with Ed (FastEddie here @ SongRamp) the other day regarding how I feel we can better serve your SongRamp members and why it is important to make a change in our current Pitch to Publisher process.  NSAI is a partner with MANY songwriting organizations such as SongU, Kirstie Manna’s Songwriter Girl, Doak Turner’s “The Music Start’s Here” and many others.  In the words of Bart, “What we do for one we must try to do for all.”  So in fairness to our many song partners in the industry, we want to create a partnership with SongRamp that I can also do for others.

Bart and I are excited about the plan we have created and that I shared with Ed,  that we feel will even better serve your SongRamp members.

I understand that the SongRamp Team recently lost a team player…"Big Daddy” Chigger.  Bart and I send our sincere wishes for comfort, peace and a filling of this space and place with an equal amount of spirit of generosity.  In his honor…"

Big Daddy was a founding member of TheChiggers, one of the first to buy into SongRamp LLC, was SongRamp's Finance Director and a dear friend to many of our members, especially during "Bash Week". So, in his honor, here is our plan… 

1.  NSAI Membership FREE - given away by drawing 4 times a year, in honor of "Big Daddy” Chigger. This is a $200.00 total value and you get total access to all of NSAI services, discounts to events, 2 personal one on one mentoring sessions either in person or by skype or phone and 12 song evaluations.

2.       Membership has its privileges - This allows you to come and pitch their songs at our monthly Pitch 2 Publisher Thursday night workshops. We have about 10 of these workshops a year here in our NSAI building and you can personally and face to face pitch their song to the publisher at this event.  This gives you up to 10 times in a year.

3.       Mentoring –Emmy Award Winning and #1 hit songwriter Debi Cochran will be providing the personal mentoring for the first 4 winners.  This is 2 (1) hour mentoring sessions per winner.  This mentoring session can be done by phone, skype, or in person. 

How's it work?

Click Here to submit your entry. The cost is $5.00. This is open to ALL SongRamp members. Your $5 entry enters your name into that quarters drawing for the Free one year NSAI membership AND we'll extend your currrent membership here at SongRamp by a month (or for you Free Members, give you a month at the Basic membership level.) Enter as often as you like. Each entry gets your name in the hat each time and gets you a month extention here at SongRamp each time. Example: Enter 3 times today and you'll get 3 entries into the NSAI membership drawing for our "Big Daddy Q2" drawing to be held around the 1st of July and get three months added to your SongRamp membership term (or a three month Basic if you're currently a Free Member)

Jan, Feb & Mar each year = Q1 with that drawing around the 1st of April*
Apr, May & June each year = Q2 with that drawing around the 1st of July
July, Aug & Sept each year = Q3 with that drawing around the 1st of Oct
Oct, Nov & Dec eacy year = Q4 with that drawing around the first of Jan

Brian Williams - aka - Big Daddy Chigger - 1953-2012



Meet our winners:

Q1 2012 - billspencerwho (Spencer Kelly)

Q2 2012 - julieelam (Julie Elam)

Q3 2012 - sheilerk (Sheila Kaufman)

Q4 2012 - rockabilly (Jon Elam)

Q1 2013 - mfrazier (Michael Frazier)

Q2 2013 - DaleCrockett  (Dale Crockett)

Q3 2013 - Sdgetunes (Ed Dunn) 

Q4 2013 - Sheilerk (Sheila Kaufman) 


Member Opinions:

By: rathole on 4/13/12
This is a cool thing and a wonderful tribute to Brian----excellent!!!!!

By: pianoman3 on 4/13/12
Wonderful news and a fitting tribute to Brian. Thanks to all who made this possible and raising the profile of this feature.
Congrats to Spencer, too.

By: johnwestwood on 4/14/12
Great stuff

By: Beeswing on 4/14/12
Excellent! Perfect way to celebrate Brian's life, and consolidate our partnership with NSAI!
Congrats to Spencer as the first winner!

By: benjammin on 4/14/12
This is Great! Congrats Spencer on the award, and to admin for making this possible!


By: lps45s8tracks on 4/17/12
(;AWESOME TRIBUTE to Brian a great idea.looking forward to seeing the list grow.

(~;Yrral Mallik;~)

By: rhallcne on 4/20/12
Excellent, I know Brian would had loved this!!

By: FastEddie on 4/22/12
This is a true testament to how much Brian was loved. A legacy.

By: manatthewindow on 4/24/12
A superb memorial to a wonderful person.

By: blueguitars on 4/29/12
Just Beautiful, a truley a Wonderful Guy, what a Fab Idea,


By: gilles on 5/18/12
Real nice one Big Daddy

thumbs up

By: Woot on 10/27/12
What a cool deal! Looks like it's been a while since there was any activity here; is this still active?


By: jjangel on 11/5/12
I think this is a great idea. I for one have just found my way back to SR after a long lapse and was looking around to see what had changed and stumbled in here....Perhaps sending one email per quarter as a reminder would drum up some activity,?

By: wroyjon on 10/26/13
Very nice,I didn't know "big daddy" but I'm sure all you guys feel his loss. May God have mercy on his soul.

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