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Posted: Friday, February 24, 2012 9:26 am

By: Admin

Pitch to Publisher

Hello Songramp Paid Members!

We have a unique opportunity for our Paid Members that has been given us and I’d like to tell you about it.

NSAI, (Nashville Songwriters Association International) which is a songwriters organization based in Nashville, for those that don’t know, has presented us with a song submission opportunity. They have a quarterly luncheon where they submit a select number of songs to a roomful of publishers, which can result in deals, music industry relationships and opportunities for the selected song/songwriters. DEALS ARE BEING MADE!!!!

We have been invited to submit one song from our membership to be represented in this process, which we are very excited about and hope you are too!

This opportunity is one we need to carefully foster and nurture to maintain and grow this opportunity for our membership.

The genre for this is contemporary country exclusively and needs to be of the highest caliber. This is the big leagues and the song needs to compete in that arena. If you have any doubts about your song, spend a few minutes listening to your local contemporary country station and then listen to your song...does it measure up?   

This doesn’t mean that it needs to be a full blown Nashville demo, clear piano/guitar vocal demo’s are fine, it’s about the song. These guy’s and gals can see past elaborate arrangements and virtuoso guitar solos, beautiful vocals and fancy pictures... Again, it’s about the song.

We are going to charge $5 per submission, so make sure you go through your catalog and pick the top song, or couple of songs that you feel best represent you.  Again, this feature is for Paid Songramp Members only.  If you are a free member, please go to the store and upgrade your membership so you can participate in this exciting opportunity!

Paid members, go to the store and purchase a $5 submission for each song.  The deadline for this round is March 25, 2012.  Please get all your submissions in by March 25.  Thanks!


At the end of each submission period, a qualified panel will go through all of the submissions and will vote for the song that they feel will best represent what the publishers will be looking for. This is what NSAI will be looking for as well so that they can maintain this opportunity and credibility with the publishers and we can maintain this opportunity for you guys.

If no song submissions meet the NSAI criteria, no songs will be submitted. Please read the criteria carefully and make sure your song is commercial and meets the standards set forth, as refunds will not be issued.

Here are the criteria that we have been asked to provide.

1. ONE song that is a radio commercial sounding song along with copy of the
lyric. These are publishers who are looking for commercial success.

2. The name of the writer and/or cowriters and a little bit of BIO about the

3. The song must be in a "pitch ready" format.  That doesn't mean that it
has to be a full demo but that it has to be a well recorded guitar vocal or
keyboard vocal.  

4.  IF the songwriter is also the ARTIST and performing on the demo we also
need to be aware that they are the artist.

The only thing we will need from you up front it is the song, once your song has been chosen, we will contact you to provide the rest of the information as outlined above.

Best of luck to all of you, We look forward to your success in this endeavor and hope it motivates all of us to reach just that little further to the level of songwriting that makes us a commercial success. 


Note: When you submit your song, be sure that the version you submit is the latest and greatest version. We listen immediately to each submission and our volunteer panel does not have the time to relisten to reworked versions that are re-uploaded. Thanks.

Member Opinions:

By: BeckyMonnier on 2/27/12
Great opportunity!

By: DenaliMick on 2/27/12
This is indeed a great opportunity, and a strong reason for becoming a member. A linkage to publishers has been discussed a lot on The Ramp, and this is a most timely asset for everyone who aspires to have their music heard by industry professionals. Mick

By: johnwestwood on 2/28/12
Great stuff. This means the bar has been set within Songramp for those with aspirations out side of Songramp.
God luck and lotsa sweat to those who intend to enter

By: telebob on 2/28/12
Certainly there are Ramp members - with goals for a commercial country music cut - who are looking for another outlet to pitch a song. It is CooL that NSAI extended this opportunity to SongRamp and its membership.

By: sheilerk on 2/28/12
One more wonderful incentive to step up to full membership. What a great opportunity for our country genre members!!

By: lps45s8tracks on 2/28/12
Great news all Da best to everyone who enters.

(~;Yrral Mallik;~)

By: chpastor on 2/28/12
so are you saying the "songramp" selection WILL be played at the luncheon or be CONSIDERED by them to be played at the luncheon?

By: RJC on 2/28/12
I believe NSAI will listen to it first to insure they are represented in a good light, as it's their reputation on the line. But if it's a quality song, it will be played.


By: Gario on 2/28/12
Splendid opportunity and a very good idea.
Any pitch is better than no pitch, and a pitch to NSAI is a great place to get a pitch.

Get my pitch?

By: rayf on 2/29/12
Ah YES Songramp adding more Value...well done!

By: Lonnie on 3/1/12
sounds good here

By: BillyJ.Thomas on 3/6/12
Not for the feint of heart, or ambitious people. Reputations will be on the line, and believe me, my friend Bart will be very careful in chosing what he will pitch. If our submission doesn't meet his standards, you can bet he won't pitch it...

By: missijohnson on 3/7/12
but i thought a qualified panel would VOTE on the song to be submitted ??? i'm confused

By: RJC on 3/7/12
That is correct. What are you confused about?

By: geediane on 3/7/12
Paying members can submit as many songs as they want to, for $5 each. Then, yes, a qualified panel will listen to each submission, and vote to select the one that will be forwarded to the Pitch to Publisher luncheon. The songs will be evaluated by the criteria that NSAI has given us.

By: missijohnson on 3/7/12
i'm confused by "my friend bart will be very careful in chosing what he will pitch, if our submission doesn't meet his standards, you can bet he won't pitch it" - i thought the opportunity was that one song from a songramp member would be pitched, so if there's no guarantee he will pitch a song that is voted on by a qualified panel....then i'm confused. thanks

By: TheChiggers on 3/7/12
Missi, I think Bill is referring to Bart Herbison, President of NSAI.. As Diane said, all songs submitted here will be evaluated by our own panel of folks. The panel with then select the best song to submit to NSAI/Bart to be heard at their luncheon. In other words, our panel will choose a song from among those submissions we get and that song WILL be heard at the luncheon..

By: missijohnson on 3/7/12
okie dokie, missi no longer confused...lol.

By: missijohnson on 3/7/12
'm not gonna ask for the names of the panelists, but if the panelists consist of an odd number of both male and female members, i'll probly join & submit somethin

By: TheChiggers on 3/7/12
Our panel is comprised of both men and women.

By: missijohnson on 3/7/12
ok, that sounds fair

By: missijohnson on 4/4/12
hi ya'll, when will the winning song be announced? thank ya!

By: TheChiggers on 4/4/12
Soon as we have one Missi.. So far none of the submissions have been forwarded to NSAI for this round..

By: missijohnson on 4/4/12
i was not expecting to win, but what a waste of time & money for all the entrants

By: TheChiggers on 4/4/12
I certainly wouldn't consider it a waste of time or money, Missi.. But that's why we're all different...

By: geediane on 4/4/12
We only had 11 entries, and although a few of them were good, the panel agreed none of the submissions totally fit the NSAI requirements. Certainly we would not want to jeopardize this opportunity by sending them something against their wishes. Keep in mind, the requirements were laid out by NSAI, not SongRamp, and our panel was simply set up to make sure the submission fit their needs.

By: missijohnson on 4/4/12
i was just thinkin' the standards are so low in nashville already - nearly any crappy song could become a hit with the right singer & production...for instance, kenny chesney got away with morphing into jimmy buffet for like 2 years. phil vasser is able to sell his hokey "feel good" stuff, and "honkey tonk ba-donk-a-donk" can actually become a hit song and get airplay! don't even get me started on montgomery-gentry...YUCK! LOL !!! whatta hoot!

By: wag08 on 4/5/12
NSAI has high standards if you want a true critque Missi of your music to see how close you are try sending in some songs its tough the above songs you mentioned are now outdated jus like Dolly & Kenny Rogers music is now..

By: missijohnson on 4/5/12
thanks ya'll for answering my questions. NSAI really turned me off by not responding to an email i sent asking a simple question when i was considering joining - i ain't got time for folks who wanna act like snobs - whoever didn't answer my email really ain't better than me or anyone else - PERIOD - so i recon i ain't got much use for NSAI - also...i've heard some stuff that came out of NSAI - where the standards were, i don't know cause i'm sorry to say i was not impressed - it all sounded "copycat" stuff to me - just didn't meet my standards - i have money to buy music, but come to think of it, i have not felt compelled to purchase any music since the foo fighters came out with "learn to fly" - seems i may be hard to impress as well! lol !

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