Songramp wishes to recognize artists and songwriters in our community who have consistently produced music that inspires us all, captivates our minds and hearts and is unforgettable. These same members have made outstanding contributions to the community whether it be posting great music, offering input on other's music, working or volunteering for the site, or offering suggestions for direction of the community.

To qualify for the Hall Of Fame (aside from the above), you must have won any combination of 3 of the following awards over the course of your membership: Artist Of The Month, Artist Of The Year and/or Song Of The Month.

In the inaugural year, 2008, we started with five. Three of them we are still lucky enough to have in the community. Two of them, while no longer present, are in a better place and their spirit still remains at Songramp via the music they left behind, as well as the friendships they cultivated. Once per year, at the RampBash, we will reveal one or two additional Songramp Hall of Fame Inductees. 

Congratulations to all of the inductees to the Songramp Hall of Fame!
 (Click on the pictures below to view the artist's homepage.)

Our 2008 Inductees:

Lucy Webster

Lucy Webster is one of the original members of Songramp, joining just shortly after the site came into existence and was an Administrator at Songramp for 7 years to boot. As an Indie singer/songwriter, Lucy has toured all over the Midwest and has released two albums as well. Her songs are always honest, heartfelt, full of imagery, and her talented guitar playing and vocals are evident with every song she posts. 
Accomplishments at Songramp:
AOM December 2002
SOM Sept 2006
AOM Apr 2008
The Chiggers are a group of friends based in Nashville, who share a love for making music. The four main members of the "group" are Jericho (Jack Roulier) Chigger, Harry (Warren Wilken) Chigger, Big Daddy (Brian Williams) Chigger and Sid (Steve Oxford) Chigger. When you see thechiggers online, that's Steve. Steve joined SongRamp in Feb 2004 and has remained active since. Becoming a Moderator in 2006 then an Administrator in 2008. While the "core" members are the 4 listed above, the Chigs are proud to have had some of SongRamps best lend their talents to various projects and thereby becoming Chiggers themselves and they number into the dozens. Too many to name here but they know who they are! The Chiggers have released 9 self produced CD's to date and have no plans to stop! What genre is Chigger Music? Fun! Sometimes raw, sometimes out of tune or off tempo but it's always FUN!

Accomplishments at Songramp:
AOM June 2004
SOM Sept 2005
AOM Apr 2007
Donna Valentine is a singer/songwriter from Colorado, where she is also an NSAI Coordinator. Donna is an outstanding vocalist, in addition to being an incredible songwriter. She understands what makes a great lyric, interesting melody and a solid production. She's very insightful on providing genuine and constructive feedback to others in the forums as well. Donna soon hopes to move to Nashville and obtain a staff writing deal with a major publishing company; and we have no doubt that is going to happen.

Accomplishments at Songramp:
Our 2009 Inductees:

Alan Johnston comes from a musical family and started playing along with his dad, Raymond Johnston, when he was twelve years old. He has played with several local groups down through the years including about a four year stint with Mel Street as Mel's bass player. Alan currently is playing bass and guitar in a bluegrass group he formed called South 52. He is probably most noted for a song he wrote, Muddy Water, about the floods of McDowell County in 2001 and 2002. He and his daughter, Jessi, recorded the song in 2002, and it was an instant local hit. Two noted bluegrassers, Don Rigsby and David Davis, have since recorded Muddy Water. One of his songs, The Ballad of Sarah Malone, recorded by David Davis and the Warrior River Boys reached the number 21 spot in Bluegrass Unlimited. Alan is happily married to his childhood sweetheart, Wilma, and they have four children and seven grandchildren. Alan and Wilma make their home in Premier in McDowell County , West Virginia.

Accomplishments at Songramp:
AOM Sept 2005
AOY 2005
SOM Oct 2007
Beeswing is Diane Rulliere, a lyricist from the UK. She found Songramp in July 2004, very shortly after beginning to try her hand at lyric writing. And it has been her second home ever since. Diane always writes from the heart and is an unashamed “metaphor writer”. The Ramp is a diamond mine for non-musical songwriters, with talented musicians and singers always ready to lend a hand or a voice. Diane now has over 100 song collaborations on her homepage thanks to the the spirit of collaboration unique to Songramp. In 2008 Diane became moderator of the Writers Room, and now also moderates the Lyric Lounge.

Accomplishments at Songramp:
AOM Jan 2006
SOM Feb 2006
SOM Apr 2008
SOM Apr 2010
AOM Jan 2012
Our 2010 Inductees:
Rob Campbell discovered Songramp in March 2003 and has been a member ever since. He is a one man band and is lucky enough to have recieved the help of the members here on Songramp for multiple collabs. Two albums under his belt from the ‘80’s, these days writing for the sheer love of it, though a couple self produced albums are in the works.

Accomplishments at Songramp:
AOM Jul 2006
AOM Dec 2008
AOY 2008
SOM Oct 2009
John has been a part of Songramp since 2004. He has been making music most of his life. Since he was 15 he has been involved in some form of the music business. Take for instance"The Meteors" where John and fellow band mates encountered the first stirings of musical success. In 2008 he moved from Manchester England to Cleveland GA where he now hopes to write play and sing even more. It's a new start. It's a journey. One he hopes will continue with even more dreams fulfilled.

Accomplishments at Songramp:
AOM Oct 2004
SOM Mar 2005
SOM May 2008
SOM Sept 2009
Our 2011 Inductees:
Greg Cox is one hell of a songwriter and performer. He is also very S L O W to get his "blurb" back to us.. :-)

Accomplishments at Songramp:
AOM Mar 2007
SOM Aug 2009
SOM Dec 2009
SOM Jun 2010
SOM Jun 2011
Ken Damkier is known as one of the most respected blues guitarists in Denmark. He has played his guitar and blues harp for almost thirty years with one of the oldest, best known and sought after Danish Blues Bands known as the Oernes Blues Band. They have done over 3000 gigs in Scandinavia. Ken (known as 'The Viking') found his way onto SongRamp in 2007. Many became instant fans of his honesty and his elegant simplicity, which is his trademark. He never adds a note more than is needed to his deeply expressive and moving arrangements while always maintaining a high professional standard. His performances are sensitive, deep and dynamic. While on the Ramp, he has done countless collaborations. He has been magically influenced by his experience with the many talented people he has come to know. Since joining, he has developed a highly regarded singing voice while writing 125 songs or more. His songs are about happiness, abuse, sorrow, war, sex love and death. No matter the style he is writing, in each and every song there is an element of blues.

Accomplishments at SongRamp:
AOM Dec 2007
SOM Jun 2009
SOM Mar 2011
SOM Jan 2012
Our 2012 Inductee:
Rathole - aka - Clark Mortensen
You'll never find a more modest man than our own Mr. Rattie! A few words from Rathole:

"WOW........I ain't no Hall of famer by any stretch of the word--I am truly touched--you all have meant so much to me since I joined in Dec 2003 or 2004 I can't remember the date---without songramp I doubt I would have ever written more than a couple of songs but the encouragement of the members kept me trying to get better at writing, playing and singing-- the word Trying is the key word in the last sentence!! (so it is actually your fault you have had to endure the torture) --I have met so many nice friends here that have been so good to me that I don't even know how to express my gratitude. Going to last years Ramp bash and actually meeting the people I interact with at Songramp is one of the coolest things I have done. It will be one of my fondest memories. Big Daddy opening up his home to me and my friends was a darn cool thing and I will always remember his great hospitality--I will sure miss him--he embodied the spirit of SongRamp!!

All the Admins and Moderators and members are just fantastic people. I hope SongRamp has a long long run as the coolest music site on the planet. All you Admins and moderators work your butts off and I truly want to thank you.

Thanks to everyone here at SongRamp

Accomplishments at SongRamp:
SOM Aug 2010
SOM Feb 2012
AOM Sept 2007
Our 2013 Inductee:
GeeDiane (aka Diane Gee Frasca aka Bling Chigger)
Longtime member, major shareholder, extremely talented and slightly silly. Diane says:
It is an extreme pleasure and honor to be included in SongRamp's Hall of Fame.
The SongRamp members I have come to know have become my family away from home, and
it's such a comfort to know I can find each of you with just a click. I am touched that this community
consistently voted for me in order to earn the awards required to be eligible for Hall of Fame.
I cannot thank you all enough. Our online music community is precious to me, and I am beyond thrilled
to be included in this fine Hall of Fame.
Thank you all!
-- Diane Gee-Frasca (Bling Chigger)

Accomplishments at SongRamp:
Artist Of The Month November 2008
Holiday Song Of The Year 2011
Artist Of The Month June 2012


Honorary Inductees

songman32 (Jimmy Lee Smith)
Jimmy Lee Smith, loved people, and loved music, had a strong faith, and loved writing love songs about his wife Martha Sue. He was a kind, gentle, respectful man, who was adored by everyone on the site. He was very active in the community and his presence is still missed to this day.

Accomplishments at Songramp:



Rittmo (Richard Blum)

Memorial Page

Rittmo - one of SongRamp's most active members and prolific writers. From wacky and weird to something right up your alley, the man could write.. Sing? No. Write? Yes! :-) Farewell Ritt. RIP..

Accomplishments at SongRamp:
Artist Of The Month May 2009
Artist Of The Year 2009


Boots (Tim Tafolla)
Boots, was considered by most everyone as the Songramp Mascot. He was a fun-loving man with a great sense of humor. He loved music, and was especially strong with the lyrics he wrote, as can be seen with the March 2008 Song of the Month collaboration with Donna Valentine. Boots never met a stranger, and though he's been gone just over a year, his music and memories remain very much a part of Songramp.

Accomplishments at Songramp:



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