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Life's A Dance

by BrentGodfrey, member since Feb 15, 2003
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Details: Uploaded: Oct 6, 2012  Genre: Latin
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Full band recording of song previously posted on SongRamp

Brent Godfrey - Vocals, acoustic guitar intro - Words and Music

Brian Evans - Drums and Percussion

Nicola Offidani - Electric Guitars

Raul R. - Keyboards

I Love to dance salsa  I love to dance the swing  

I want to dance with you girl more than any thing.


With our bodies swaying dancing cheek to cheek

Gliding down the floor so light on our feet. 


All Life’s a dance.   We’re just circling the floor

Partners through time until we walk thru that door

All Life’s a dance come and listen to the band

Come to me dear and give me your hand


When I hear good music It makes me want to dance

Come on pretty baby let’s take a change.


Jiving to the rhythm.   Floating on a cloud.

I hold your body close dear.   Yeah, I like my music loud



The music’s never ending.  The party never stops

The rhythm of the music’s like the ticking of a clock.  


Dancing close together until the night is old.

There’s excitement in the air just waiting to explode.  



                    Instrumental Verse


                    Verse 1


 Yes, I want to dance with you girl more than anything

  I want to dance with you    

Member Review
Sweet tune, very relaxing. Enjoyed the lyrics and vocals very much. Nicely done! Ott
Engaging track, with a straightforward lyric.
You guys are moving forward for sure. Your best recording yet Brent. Vocal has a nice quality. Cool feel to this tune. Nice groove. Solid musicianship all around. Nicely done.
Well, you've just gotta tap your feet when you hear something like this (or like me, get up and have a little jig). Nice production and feel. Solid performances.
Fine song I enjoyed
Great Back Beat.
Nice Vocal And Lyrics.
Awesome Job.

this just has an infectious overall feel. stab'n rhythm in the verses, organ in the chorus. arrangement has splendid lifts and falls. a simple, here's how I see it' lyric and the voc has a lounge vibe that plays well to all else. lots to like here. thanks for sharing.
A nice, groove that gets feet tapping and some cool chord moves that hold attention. A little room for more originality in the simple lyric but the whole song works well. (Girly bgvs would lift it for me but the Hammond does a 'swell' job..).
Enjoyed my dance, thanks. ~ John

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