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In the Moment

by BrentGodfrey, member since Feb 15, 2003
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Details: Uploaded: Jul 23, 2012  Genre: Singer Songwriter
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Full band recording of a song I previously uploaded to the ramp.

Brent Godfrey - Acoustic guitar and vocals

Mike Marnul - Drums

Richard Denney - Bass

Ken X - Electric Guitar

In the Moment

Words & Music by Brent L. Godfrey    © 2008


In the moment feel the wind in your hair

                    In the moment breath in the air

                    In the moment look into her eyes

                    In the moment beneath the blue sky


Forget about the future forget about the past

                    Live in the moment since nothings going to last

                    Yeah nothings going to last

                    Your little problems don’t matter they’ll vanish when you die

                    Live in the moment and fly fly fly  


In the moment follow your heart

                    In the moment that’s the easiest part

                    In the moment empty your mind

                    In the moment take your time




                    Instrumental Verse


                    Instrumental Chorus


          In the moment enjoy yourself now

                    In the moment don’t forget how

                    In the moment give up control

                    In the moment free your soul



Member Review
Like the overall feel to this. Could have brought the electric up a bit in the verse, perfect in the chorus. Interesting progression. Like this folk rock approach Brent. Some good solid lyrics. Well done by all.
Nice smooth sound and fine playing and singing. "In the moment" maybe appeared a little too often to my ears... it's a good hook, but seems to be prominent in all sections, whereas maybe holding it back a bit could have more impact. Enjoyed!
Very Nice. Loved The Vocal.
Great Backing Track.

This moment I'm loving that guitar solo! NICE!

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