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Details: Uploaded: Mar 7, 2006  Genre: Rock
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This was our first attemp at uploading a song on this GREAT website. We classified "Apathy" as rock because we mostly write rock, sometimes prog rock. We are currently recording a concept album "JoDoz" which is very dark. The sparse instrumentation has a more folk or country feel in our attempt to get into an apathetic mood or feel.

Thanks to all who listen. It's greart to get feedback.

Marjie McKee - vocals & acoustic guitar
Jeff McKee - upright bass
Dennis James - lead guitar
Doug Eddy - drums



Depression lurks in the shadows
Waiting to grab me and drag me down
Energy vampires surround me
Pulling me under until I drown
Vultures circling overhead
They're waiting to pick my bones
Got miles to drive and I'm sleep deprived
Just wanna be left alone

I want to stay in bed all day
And sleep until I die
Apathy, sweet apathy
I don't care if I don't cry

Been driving down thie Interstate
Looking forward to spending some time with you
One of the few remaining things
Helps me chase away these blues
But you're not glad to see me
Your aura's tinged with red and gray
Your eyes are smoldering, your jaws are clenched
Looks like you had a bad day

But misery loves company
My foul-weather friend
Our friendship is a means without an end
And when I'm feeling mean and low
I know you'll understand
I saw the swirl beneath the mount of Saturn in your hand

Member Review
This is not rock. The solo kinda is but overall its country...with a darker tint to it in the lyrics. Class musicians. AD
Maybe a cross over country/rock with a stronger rock feel thats how I feel it .(just me maybe) What I like about the production is a nice vocal groove going and flows well with the melody. Instrumentally well played Nice production enjoyed the listen
I'd call it Alternative country but I'd still call it good.
Wow. Very glad I stopped by. Cool song. Makes me wish I was back in Pittsburgh!
(;AWESOME TITLE;)Drew me right in so glad it did.(;AWESOME LYRICS;)Well written.Would love to see lyrics posted as well.(;AWESOME VOCALS;)Sounding ever so good.Reminds me of early Dylan writing.The female Bob Dylan.Sounds more Rock to me than Country.Unless you want to put it in Contemporary Country which is just eary Rock in the first place.True Country is Traditional.New Country is just Rock.Just ask Alan Jackson & George Strait.the Almighty dollar killed Country Music.the lust for World wide fame slowly killed tradition.The Steel guitars no longer cry.And the fiddles barely play.With drums and Rock & Roll Guitar.Mixed right up in your face.Why the Hag wouldn't have a chance on today's radio.Well they even tell the possum to pack up and go back home.Twangier the better but this certainly ain't country not true Country.I think you have it in the right genre to me.Enjoyed the listen.Gets my vote(;ABSOLUTELY;)Keep them it.Your Songramp Bro.~(;Yrral Mallik;)
I'm not sure what I would call it...perhaps you just created a genre...nicely done....Ray
very good lyric, sums it up well, haunting guitar, & excellent vocal , ...Magsfm

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