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Back To You (Baby Dedication Song)

by ScottWord, member since Mar 30, 2004
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Details: Uploaded: May 20, 2004  Genre: Christian/Gospel
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The song I sung at my little girl's dedication at church.   I also have changed the lyrics for a boy too if you would like a copy to use just contact me.  I also have a soundtrack(with out vocals ) if someone wanted to sing the song at a baby dedication service.  Contact me at

Back to You
  (Scott Word)
(Guitar capoed on 6th fret)
I fell in love the first time that I saw her
           ((C)                            (D)
That little smile sure melted her daddy's heart
And I know I was sent a treasure directly from Your heavens
        ((C)                                           (D)         (G)
Thank You for sending me my angel baby girl
(G)                                   (C)(Bm7)(Am) 
Now I’m giving her back to You, Lord
   (D)                        (G)(Em)
I’m giving her back to You
                            (Am)        (D)
Help me guide and protect her
From what this world can put her through
                                  (C)(Bm7) (Am)         (D)
There's only so much a daddy            down on this
                    (Bm7) (Em)
ol' earth can do
Lord, I’m placing her in Your hands
Help her make the stand
I’m giving her back to You
       (Am)      (Bm7)  (C)
And I pray Thy will be done
     (Am)                    (Bm7)          (D)
That she will walk in the light of Your Son
(Back to Chorus)
(G)                                             (C)
I’ll do my best to point her Your way
From this day I dedicate
I’m giving her back to You

Member Review
beautiful song,from the heart....i like this tune though i dont have a little girl ,ihave two little boys.....but love the lyrics and great production also.....glad to have listen...kevin
Scott... How in the world did you ever sing this without falling apart??? Wow! ... I got chill bumps just listening to it.. Absolutely Beautiful and a very unique song! Great Job! Kim :-)
Scott..This is so sweet...Glad you got to sing this in church! Now I know that Music Director knows you can write and sing!! I played this over and over. Great Job..Precious little lucky man! Keep it up!
Awesome song - you did such a terrific job on it!
Very moving. Never heard anyone yet sing at their baby dedication. This song gets my vote.
Beautiful song, I guess it's a daily thing giving her back, isn't it? Were you able to get through the song at the dedication? I cried each time I sang for my children. Lovely ~Bonnie
Very touching song...Scott, your voice and writing is very outstanding!!!!!Great WORK !!! glenn MOXIE MUSIC CANADA
Good song Scott..How old is she? I know she'll always cherish it and as she grows older and has a daughter of her own, will understand and love it even more..
Scott - thanks for sharing this with us. I wrote a song for baby dedication, too (it's on this site). I love your voice and share your sentiment in this song. I have 3 kids and my oldest is my little girl and she's almost 6. Thinking of her during this song makes it very meaningful. -Ben Chilcote (

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