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Anderson, Indiana- Country Songwriter Steve Wallace, 42, has been writing country music for over 30 years all while battling a rare nerve disorder called ‘Dystonia’ which affects his muscles and speech.

His influnces have been Garth Brooks, Randy Travis and George Strait . Wallace has written over 200 songs and won numerous songwriting awards with 70 number 1 hits worldwide.

Steve said the highlight of his career so far has been helping other people and organizations through his music,including the American Cancer Society, and Leukemia and Lymphona Society.

Besides music Steve used to race BMX motocross in the early 80’s and own’s his own BMX Team which has won many titles since he started the team in 2003.


Award Winning Poem

"Anderson Speedway"

You pull in the pits, You unload the car and grab your tools.

Tonights the night you get your fix, You have your fun kickin it at the Worlds Fastest High Banked Quarter Mile .

Its not about the money, its about who takes home the trophy

and how you hit the High Banks with your ride. The engines are roaring and the fumes burn

your eyes all for the passion and love that never dies. You pull onto the Track

Your nerves begin to start. Cars are bumper to bumper and

the feature is on. Bumping and rubbing and having fun, doing all

that you can to keep from getting passed. Leading the race

and its almost time to brag.You take turn 1

with another racer beside you and you can see his

bumper.Coming out of 2 you jump on the gas, side by side down the backstretch

hes trying to make the pass.You drive deep into 3 and get a run on the high side and

the next thing you know you are going 3 wide.Coming out of 4 and the

checkers start to fly

You won the feature at the Worlds Fastest High Banked Quarter Mile, pull up

to the start/finish line with a smile.Shaking hands with the other competitors and telling

them what a clean race, always show sportsmanship and you will always win the big race in life and the respect of others at the Worlds Fastest High Banked Quarter Mile....

Steve Wallace

August 3, 2012

Copyright 2012



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