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They Taste Like Chicken was a collabaration and was initially played in public at Country Stampede 2012 in the Songwriters tent.  At has been we received and is quite entertaining.  Enjoy this free download (for a limited time only).

Wedding song for Susan was re-recorded for our 25th wedding anniversary.  I think it turned out well.

 "Uncle Nick" was written for a party a few years back and now you can enjoy this hilarious Christmas tune that explains how Santa Claus might just be a moonshiner who hides up north to evade the revenuers. One of Nick's experiments goes awry and he now has to save the world by...well, you know the story. Enjoy and it's OK to sing along on the Chorus.  

David Thompson is a recovering songwriter currently residing in Clay Center, Kansas. He earns a living as a pilot for a major airline and has written numerous songs over the past 40 years. He is one of the regional coordinators for NSAI's North Central Kansas Chapter.  http://www.myspace.com/555322216

Ken Mattheisen and I also host the Songwriter's stage at Country Stampede which is one of the largest country music festivals in the United States.   Check it out at http://www.countrystampede.com/lineup/nsai-songwriters-tent.html

I am currently using songramp as a sounding board to get an inkling of where to take my music endeavors.  Any comments are greatly appreciated.  I am considering starting a small publishing company late in 2012.

David A. Thompson, P.O. Box 461, Clay Center, KS 67432-0461 (785)632-2558 email: thompson.david@eaglecom.net


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Title Genre Listen Fav. Plays Reviews Size Uploaded
Wedding Song for SusanAdult Contemporaryplay hifiplay lofidownload
56273330 KB
832 KB
Oh, to be like TheeChristian (Contemporary)play hifiplay lofidownload
46085261 KB
1647 KB
Kittens and PuppiesInstrumentalplay hifiplay lofidownload
55572254 KB
705 KB
Red SunsetComedy/Noveltyplay hifiplay lofi
18242747 KB
860 KB
Fourth Time TonightCountry (Contemporary)play hifiplay lofi
27652576 KB
806 KB
Where the Girls Used to BeCountry (Contemporary)play hifiplay lofi
25054713 KB
1476 KB
They Taste Like ChickenComedy/Noveltyplay hifiplay lofidownload
484113995 KB
998 KB
Uncle Nick (demo)Bluegrassplay hifiplay lofi
36485524 KB
1151 KB
Raptor RockRockplay hifiplay lofidownload
24643652 KB
1143 KB
That's What it Means to be a C...Christian (Contemporary)play hifiplay lofidownload
44565075 KB
1589 KB
Lord Jesus, Walk Beside UsSinger Songwriterplay hifiplay lofi
05722967 KB
1236 KB
Arpegio in AminorClassicalplay hifiplay lofi
4129121314 KB
548 KB
That's When it Hits MeSinger Songwriterplay hifiplay lofi
110933261 KB
1019 KB


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