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It's been a long time getting to this point but some 20 years later I have finally got to a point where I am now able to show my music to the world (with a little help from modern technology of course). Love it if you want to, hate it if you want to (after all I can't please everyone, but I'll keep on trying regardless lol) but it would be really cool if you end up loving what you hear - even the rough edges. 
 I record everything at home straight onto computer (no more messing with inefficient cassettes)using a cheap acoustic guitar recorded through a cheap microphone which is then fed through a second hand 4 track recorder/mixing desk (also bought very cheaply from a car boot sale lol) before finding it's way onto my computer hard drive where I then either mix the results or delete them in total devastation at the results. I still have a lot to learn about recording and mixing - writing songs and then recording them is the easy bit. Still when you're a solo artist you have to learn to do everything yourself and this does give an extra sense of achievement. Some of these results can be found here.
 I have tons of other songs I want to put up here. All I have to do now is actually motivate myself to record them and improve my recording techniques. I am very proud of the songs themselves even if the actual recordings are rather rough but who cares about perfection? Far better to make an awful recording of a good song than to make a good recording of an awful song....


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All In The KnowAcousticplay hifiplay lofi
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Welcome To The Real TomorrowPopplay hifiplay lofi
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Bow BopAcousticplay hifiplay lofi
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