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We, The Glass Poets are 3 everyday folks whom have never met in person. Doo(founder/owner) resides in California - Barbara resides in Florida and Micheal resides in Alabama. We share the same passion of writing and composing original songs and getting them out to the world. To date we have:

1:Spirits Of Adventure 

2: Stories Of Today & Gone Yesterdays 

3: Life Is Not For Granted.

4th: Garage Sale -

5th: Untameable

a collaboration between The Glass Poets USA and Internal Dealin Kerry Harrison and Chris Guy Of UK

6th: Move To Higher Ground (5 original songs by Micheal A Bradshaw- 5 songs by The Glass Poets produced by Doo White)

7: The Warmth Of Christmas - An Indie Artists Compiliation

10 indie artists from USA and Canada with 14 original christmas songs

8th: Storm On The Horizon

We do not consider ourselves as entertainers but instead songwriters. But as you all know as song writers you have to build your material so all can hear how you want it to sound or as a guide for someone else to use as their own. We have a raw garage sound to our material because we have never been in a studio. We are learning and getting cleaner with each new song.

 thanks the following folks for working with me on our project. The Warmth Of Christmas - An Indie Artists Compilation - a 14 song compilation cd of all original, fresh, homegrown Christmas songs from indie artists throughout USA and Canada. Thanks too Ray Fontenault and Galen Breen - Dave (twobeerbob) Standridge - Gary Clute - Larry Vannatta - Diane Gee - James Austin - Jackie Bennett - Ed Dunn and Cyndi Aarrestad. It was an honor to work and befriend such talented folks.


 Our goal as is any song writers is to become established lyricists/songwriters for an up and comer and or established artist in the music world. If that is not to be then it will not detour us from doing what we love to do. Write and compose lyrics/songs about the stories of our lives.


Peace to you and yours

Doo White

The Glass Poets


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