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I am a lifelong Kansan (go Jayhawks) and grew up in Lawrence.  

I have been writing songs for as long as I can remember.  Its great to finally being able to share some of my songs beyond immediate family and friends.  I do my songs on keyboard.  Some of them I program the keyboard and play live, others I multi-track in Cakewalk.  Most of the time the words and the music come at the same time, though I'll occassionally write some lyrics and then work on the music afterwards.  I almost never write music and then search for a lyric.

I am not the best singer, so I do my best, but this is limiting for me.  Definitely looking to collaborate with people who could perform these songs better than I can. 

My influences:  Beatles, Wings (huge Macca fan), Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Frank Zappa (I haven't really posted any of these style as of yet), probably a little Beach Boys/Lindsey Buckingham.

Smile away...

*not my real name ;)


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Back on BabylonReggaeplay hifiplay lofidownload
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SurelySinger Songwriterplay hifiplay lofidownload
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Let It Go (Down the Drain)Rockplay hifiplay lofidownload
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Radio SkyAdult Contemporaryplay hifiplay lofidownload
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