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I'm brand new here to Song Ramp and am looking forwards to working with whom ever would like to work with me on my songs. I am 54 years old and have been writing on and off my adult  life and would now like to be a little more serious about my writing. (due to the economy) All my lyrics have melodies to them and you will find on Open Mic that my singing, playing and production skills are very poor but good enough to get across how the songs are played. Lyrics are more important to me with the melodies a very close second. All my recording (presently) is done with the Audacity program but I hope to get gooder...much gooder with the BR-600.
I am single and live in London Ontario Canada and have no ties to bind me down from late nights of working at music, so if you are interested in my lyrics please feel free to Email me. I write all styles from Bluegrass, Rock, Country, Contemporary, Pop and more.
Keep me in mind if you are looking for a lyricist.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page and I do hope you enjoy reading my works.



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Title Genre Listen Fav. Plays Reviews Size Uploaded
Painted Memories BlueSinger Songwriterplay hifiplay lofi
73483254 KB
1018 KB
Goodbye Billy WalkerAcousticplay hifiplay lofi
63884777 KB
1492 KB
Cast Off By The City LightsSinger Songwriterplay hifiplay lofi
1057174693 KB
1467 KB
Home County TImeSinger Songwriterplay hifiplay lofi
85694586 KB
1434 KB
Precious AngelSinger Songwriterplay hifiplay lofi
55894589 KB
1435 KB


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